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  • Your safety
    We ask you to familiarize yourself with the hotel's escape plan, which you will find at the exit of your room. We have flexible alarms for notifying people with hearing loss.
  • Self-service check-in and check-out
    With us, you check in and out on our self-service machines. This can be found located at the main entrance. If you are unsure, press the bell on the table, we are probably busy with a coffee cup with one of our guests
  • Breakfast
    You should know that we take today's most important meal very seriously! Breakfast can be found in the hotel lounge. Whether you are a business traveler, adventurous or cabin crew who will reach today's first departure of the day, we offer a breakfast package, completely free, just let us know the day before! Breakfast hours daily from 06:00 - 10:00
  • Best Western rewards
    Do you want to become a member of a worldwide hotel chain? We match your status points with other chains! Best of all, we never delete your earned points.
  • Feedback
    Nothing is better than when you give us feedback after your stay, give yours rating on Tripadvisor! Remember, if there is anything during your stay we are always available for you.
  • Check out
    You have your room until 12:00, this gives you plenty of time for breakfast, shower, or relax with your favorite series on chromecast. Dinner Welcome to a dinner just like at home! We offer the dish of the day every day for 249, - You buy this using a QR code or on the data at the entrance to our lounge. Welcome! Served daily between 18: 30-21:00
  • Self-service kiosk
    We have that wide selection of your favorite products in our kiosk. Select your products on the screen in our shop and select the desired payment method. It does not get easier! Coffee and tea can be found 24 hours a day in our lounge, completely free for resident guests
  • Room facilities
    With us you will experience no fuzz! Irons and ironing boards are available on each floor near the lift. If it is not available, there may be a person in front of you in the queue who will iron his shirt in two minutes. We ask you to put the equipment back in place!
  • Gym
    We have prioritized the most important thing first, a good night's sleep and good food. Until we get our brand new exercise equipment, we recommend a jog along the water.
  • Internet
    This is today's biggest matter of course, log on and surf until the cramps take you. Remember, you must be connected to our internet to use the chromecast in your room! Network: Sure guest
  • Outdoor seating
    You are free to use our outdoor area, but there are not all places you can enjoy alcoholic beverages from our bar, ask us! The roof terrace is reserved for meeting rooms and events. Book your next event at
  • Transport from the Airport
    The hotel can be reach by the following ways from the Airport: Train 26 Steinskjer Take the train one stop to Stjørdal Station. Walk 1,4 km to the hotel Walk The hotel is 3,8 km from the Airport. Drive/ Taxi The hotel is 6 min (3,6 km) from the Airport
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